Keep your cryptocurrency secure by following standard cryptocurrency security protocols
Never Connect Your Wallet to Unknown Websites
You may lose your tokens if you connect to malicious websites
Enable Transaction Signing on TW
Password Protect all Transactions on your wallet
Never give out your Seed Phrase
Your wallet Seed Phrase are the keys to your crypto
Never Screenshot or store your Seed Phrase on a digital device
You may compromise your Seed Phrase if your device is lost or stolen
Never Interact with Unknown Crypto
Never interact with random tokens that appear in your wallet without your knowledge or go to their website
Don't fall for "Customer Support"
Never reply or interact with people claiming to be "customer support"

Fair Launch Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will only be able to connect your wallet when the sale begins. The connect button will not be available until then.

For the FAIR LAUNCH you can only buy Lucro on this website.  After the sale ends you can purchase Lucro via regular trading on PancakeSwap.

No, you must wait for the sale to end in order to claim you tokens.

You have to wait for the sale to end. This will be Sept 12th at around 11:30am EST.

Most likely you have not added the Lucro contract address yet. Or you are looking at a different wallet.

BUSD Token (BEP-20) to buy and BNB Smart Chain for gas fees.

45 billion.

Right here on the EverGrow website. The same place where you purchased Lucro during the fair launch. Look for the "CLAIM" button.

This will vary. Be sure to have at least $5 or more of BNB smart chain in your wallet.

Starting September 12th you will be able to purchase Lucro from Pancake Swap using BNB smart Chain.

LUCRO means "benefit" or "profit" in Spanish.

Sometimes there is network congestion and transactions may fail. You may want to wait a few minutes and try again.

Yes, yes you are my friend.

Unfortunately we cannot retrieve your tokens.

We're here to help, please join Discord or Telegram for 24hr support.

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