Buy and Trade EverGrow

EverGrow is a token on the Binance Smart Chain network and can be purchased or traded on Decentralized Exchanges.


Buy EverGrow on a Crypto Wallet with BNB

EverGrow Official
Buy with Credit Card on Simplex
(coming soon)
Use TrustWallet to buy direct. Not available in some states.
The EverGrow tax structure has changed to 2%. All buys, sells and transfers of EverGrow will pay a 2% fee. The 2% will be sent in BNB to a single wallet. Of that BNB, half (1%) will continue to be used for Marketing, Development and Operations, essential to grow our project and bring value to the ecosystem. The remaining half (1%) will be stored and sent to our Staking Contract. 
Rewards from holding EverGrow are to be earned by staking EverGrow through the EverGrow staking contract. When you stake your EverGrow tokens you will receive ongoing BNB & EGC, along with other tokens on both the BSC and ETH blockchains! EverGrow Staking has a 2% entrance fee and a 0% exit fee.
What is EverGrow Staking

Important information about how how to receive rewards through staking EverGrow

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