EverGrow Tokenomics (Recently Updated)

The word “tokenomics” (token + economics) describes a crypto token’s supply and demand characteristics, tax structure, fees, and rewards. EverGrow was the first major token to offer passive stable-coin income via its innovative token distribution strategy and advanced tokenomics.

Rewards will soon be earned by staking EverGrow through our staking contract. With each EverGrow transaction (buy, sell, or transfer), a 2% transaction fee is applied which automatically sends BNB to a single wallet. Of that BNB, half (1%) will continue to be used for Marketing, Development, and Operations, which are essential to grow our project and bring value to the ecosystem. The remaining half (1%) will be stored and sent to our staking contract. 

EverGrow Staking
1% is to be sent to the EverGrow Staking Contract. 
1% will continue to be used for Marketing, Development, and Operations
How does it all work? (Pending flow chart update)

Creating a token that rewards its holders with passive income simply by holding the token in a crypto wallet is a new concept.  Although it may seem complicated at first, the process for holders is actually very simple

Transaction fees (2%) from buying, selling, and transferring $EGC help support the development of the project’s ecosystem.  Since launch, our prior tokenomics system of 14% tax operated flawlessly, allowing the project to accumulate 136,000+ holders while becoming the world’s leading stable-coin passive income token.  On May 8, 2023, we reduced our tax structure from 14% to 5%. On December 3, 2023, we modified the tokenomics further by reducing our tax structure to 2%.  Going forward, rewards will be earned by staking EverGrow tokens in the EverGrow staking contract.  100% of the net profits generated by the utilities will be sent to the EverGrow staking contract.

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