Our legacy dashboard is no longer available.  It will soon be replaced by a better and more flexible rewards system, through our new staking platform!


Enter your wallet address to view your current, total and any pending rewards that are in process of being sent. Connect your wallet to start a manual claim of any pending rewards (transaction fee applies).

Frequently Asked Questions

No, rewards are sent automatically. The amount you receive and how often will vary depending on the total amount of EverGrow you hold and the token's daily trading volume.

If you are using your mobile phone and are having issues connecting your wallet for manual claims, please visit https://www.evergrowegc.com/dashboard from your DApps browser on your crypto wallet, click connect wallet, and select 'Binance Smart Chain' from the options.

Yes, this is a regular transaction and there will be a small fee, known as a "gas fee".

In order to buy, sell, or convert (swap) crypto tokens, you need to establish a secure and encrypted connection between your tokens (wallet) and an exchange or swap. When you connect your wallet you are allowing this connection to be established and transactions can proceed. (Please never connect your wallet to unknown websites.)

Your wallet address is a public and unique alphanumeric key on the blockchain (and on your crypto wallet) that is used as the "address" to receive tokens from a sender. Depending on the crypto wallet used, you will usually find it on the token's main section under "receive". 

No, this is only if you want to claim any pending rewards manually. (Rewards are sent automatically.)

Go to settings on your crypto wallet and look for "WalletConnect". Click on any EverGrow active connection and click 'Disconnect'. (You may need to refresh your settings to any changes.)

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